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Wrapping Paper Storage Ideas

Wrapping paper storage is not only for those who have an elaborate gift wrap station made from an antique armoire or a whole corner of a craft room! These ideas are for those with LESS time, space and energy for wrapping paper but plenty of desire for CONVENIENCE and ORGANIZATION!

great wrapping paper storage ideas:

Pretty simple solution here! Simply slit a cardboard tube (paper towel or toilet paper tubes) and use it to stop the wrapping paper from unrolling. This is such a good idea that I think it is great to use even with all the other organizing ideas. ~from

Ask for a wine box at a grocery or liquor store to use for gift wrap storage. You can cover it with wrapping paper, contact paper or fabric to cuten it up. Store all your ribbons and tools too!     ~from

Stash your rolls of wrapping paper in an unused garment bag and hang in the closet. Easy access, but out of the way completely until you need it! Don't forget to use the toilet paper tube idea above to keep the paper rolled neatly inside!

Grab a 5 gal. pail and a shop bucket tool organizer for scissors, twine, paint pens, fancy tape and ribbon. The paper fits right in the middle. There is plenty of room in this handy bucket for all your favorite gift wrapping supplies. This wrapping paper storage bucket would make a great gift in itself!

This wire shelf was put to new use here to make use of a few inches of closet. If you don't have a wire shelf, you could use a couple of pieces of thin lath or wood trim tacked in place.
~from the Hidden Craft Storage Board

This guy is really making the most of his space for gift wrap storage...the ceiling of a closet. How ingenious! I am going to consider this for other items.
~from Frank

Kitchen Organizer

You know those little things that go on the inside of kitchen cupboards for foil and plastic wrap? They work for wrapping paper too! You can often find them at the dollar store or a thrift store really inexpensive. And this is another great way to use a space that usually is overlooked.

Ok, this is starting to be a little beyond my capabilities and resources...a whole closet for gift wrap? I am lucky I get a whole closet for clothes. But I could take this idea and use an end of a closet, maybe! Anyhow, the little clips keep the paper wrapped up AND are the hangers. Anything dual purpose is to my liking!

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