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It takes all types of white elephant gifts to make a gift exchange go around...but in my opinion, the funny gifts get the prize. These ideas from other readers will make you the hit of the party!


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White Elephant Gift Ideas from Other Visitors:

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Christmas gift exchange idea from artofmanliness.com

Take an old hardcover book and cut out the middle of the book with an exacto knife. Paint the inside of the opening with white glue, and glue a felt lining inside. When it is dry, tuck a small bag of  candy inside. This gift has never failed me at white elephant gift exchanges. It always gets a lot of laughs and is stolen over and over. - Eric

Note: Get very precise directions on how to make a book safe from artofmanliness.com

White elephant gift exchange idea thanks to Florence Ivy/flickr.com

If this is a party with any guys, there are no better white elephant gifts than Nerf guns. There is usually at least one every year at our work party and it is always popular. - Tiffany in Olathe, KS

Note: Any toy that most people liked as kids make a good Christmas gift exchange idea like legos, over the door basketball hoop, the game Operation,  etc....But the great thing about gifts like Nerf guns is the likelihood of a war starting during the party.

When we were looking for a gift we saw some stuffed Angry Birds. My husband got this great idea to make a slingshot out of some branches we had trimmed and put that with the Angry Birds. This turned out to be one of our best white elephant gifts we ever brought to our family gift swap. All the kids wanted it, half the adults too. The angry birds were flying back and forth the whole time. - Lauren in RI

One of the best gifts I ever was able to land at one of these crazy parties was a live lobster. The hostess was kind enough to boil a pot of water and I enjoyed every bite of that sucker right in front of my longing friends. - Nick

Anything live is sure to cause a stir! I went to one white elephant gift party and a guy had brought a beta fish in a bowl. That was pretty cool. Another time, my friends brought a hamster in its cage wrapped up. They really did want to get rid of it, but offered to take it back from the lady who got it if she didn't want it. I think she didn't, but someone else took it home for their daughter. A friend of mine told me about a Yankee Swap party she went to where someone brought a Labrador puppy in a big box. I think the surprise is the best part, but just be sure you are ready to take your gift back if necessary. - no name

My work had a Christmas gift exchange last year and the limit was five dollars so I bought a coconut and put it into a box that was a little too big so the coconut would be rolling around. I always like to try to throw people off with the way I package gifts. My co-worker was picking up the box and shaking it around trying to figure out what it was. (Good thing I taped it well!) In the end, the lady who got it had never eaten a fresh coconut before so I had fun cracking it open on the pavement outside and showing her how to get to the flesh. - Paulina Rue in IL

Our family does one of the gift exchanges where you have to bring something useless –  true white elephant gifts. Jim is my somewhat crazy brother-in-law and last year he printed off a photo of himself in a funny pose with an elf hat. Then he inserted it into a big pickle jar with white glitter and made his own giant snow globe. It was pretty funny. - Lizzie in West Brownsville, PA

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