Fun Valentine Gifts for Men

Thanks for these Valentine gifts for men from my visitors. You are so creative! If you are looking for some Valentine gift ideas for guys, read on for some romantic ways to celebrate.

You can almost never go wrong with tickets to an event. I always get ones for hockey or basketball games for Valentines. Then you can slip the tickets inside a big chocolate bar or box of candy to present them.

~Jessica in OH

A while back I asked my husband what was something he would consider romantic and to my surprise, he said breakfast in bed. I kept my eyes open for a tray but hadn't seen anything special until I found one where the surface is a white board. You can write special messages or draw funny pictures with dry erase markers to customize the tray for that particular occasion. We have had a lot of fun with it and use it to leave love notes to each other when we are not using it for eating on.     

~Val in Fishers IN

Does he like to work from bed?  Instead of a simple breakfast tray, get a lapdesk or rolling cart to serve breakfast in bed on Valentine's day, and he can use it every other day for his laptop!

A Henna Party for Two!

After going to a friend's birthday party where they did henna tattoos, I set it up so that my boyfriend and I could come to her house on Valentines and get matching henna tattoos. It was definitely a different experience from our normal dinner and a movie and the tattoos lasted only ten days or so. 

~ Carlotta in Santa Cruz, CA


Stay home and do your own jagua or henna tattoos on each other!  Jagua is an organic black dye that is simple to apply and safer than "black henna".  You can buy stencils and henna supplies separately, or kits that come with everything you need.

When we were first married many years ago, I bought my husband a fishing licence for Valentines Day. He liked that gift very much and the next year asked repeatedly if I was planning to renew my love for him (then he'd cast and reel the air). So it has been our tradition now for over 30 years. He gets me flowers and candy and I get him a fishing license and a new lure or two.

My husband has a busy home office with a lot going on and he's in and out a lot. I got a bulletin board with a red frame and mounted it on the back of his closet door so that he will see it each time he hangs his coat up or puts it on. On Valentines I posted a love letter on the board and then ever since then I change out notes every week or so.


Get a picture frame with glass that matches his office, put a coordinating plain or lightly patterned scrapbook paper inside, and use a dry-write marker to write notes on the glass that easily wipe off! Or wet-erase with a sharpie...Or use black paper and get some of those cool neon markers...

Photo thanks to Davelapo555 and

For my husband who is a history lover (and a great fan of our city) I found a book from the local downtown organization about all different historical walks you can take around here. Each one goes through different parts of the city and tells about local history and suggests good restaurants and shopping in the area. If your town doesn't have a book, you could make one yourself as a scrapbook. We went on the first walk in our book on Valentines (I made dinner reservations ahead of time) and then we have tried to go on another at least once a month. 

~ Bev in Atlanta GA

Use this same idea to create Valentine gifts for men who are into art, music, craft brewpubs or another passion.

Since my husband always gets me a bouquet for Valentines, I decided I would make him one. He is an artist so I bought new sculpting tools and put them together in a vase with a card that looked like it came from a florist shop.

~Sue W.

Take this idea and do Valentines gifts for men of all kinds -- shop tools for a mechanic or woodworker, kitchen tools for a guy who likes to cook, or something with food like a beef jerky bouquet.

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