Valentine Gift Basket Ideas

Putting together your own customized gift basket for your Valentine is a great way to show your love!

romantic gift basket ideas

Romantic  Evening for Two Basket

  • pink, red & white candles
  • bubble bath
  • silk rose petals
  • a bag of chocolates
  • a CD of "mood music"
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Romantic Dinner for Two Basket

Put together the ingredients for a romantic dinner for two...that you are going to cook together, or that you are going to prepare  for her/him yourself!  For example, you can include gourmet pasta and a jar of your favorite marinara sauce with some French baguettes and a nice bottle of wine. Pack it all into a market basket.  Other nice includes are cloth napkins, candlesticks, a new serving bowl or wine glasses, wine opener or aerator spout.

Gourmet Salad for Two Gift Basket

Or a gourmet salad theme using the serving bowl as the basket, filling it with salad claws, gourmet oil and vinegar, and matching individual bowls.  Include the salad fixin's too!

Fondue Gift Basket

Find a new or used fondue set (thrift stores have them all the time!) Arrange in large basket with fresh berries or a seasonal fruit, angel food cake and chocolate for melting.

These Valentine's day gift basket add-ins would go well in a basket with any theme, because they are focused on the two of you as a couple.

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