Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas
for Every Mom!

If you need unique Mothers day gift ideas, then you have come to the right place! Some of these ideas would be right for a young mom with small children, others for a working mom who is always going, and others for a mom who is now a grandmother or great-grandmother.

Take 12 children’s drawings, scan them in and use them to create a calendar on a website such as Shutterfly, or just copy them and print out your own calendar pages for the year. Have the original artists sign their works, and mount a picture and calendar page on a single sheet of 12" x 18" construction paper. Stack them up in order and staple at the top.  This is a great project for dads and kids to work on together! Make more than one set so that you can give them to the Grandmas too!

Find a card with an ethnic print on it and place inside a gift certificate for a matching ethnic restaurant she’s never tried before (Indian, Ethiopian, Thai, etc.)

Take mom for a “local” sightseeing vacation. Research ahead of time all the interesting places nearby that she has not been to before and plan a day to visit a few. Let the last stop be a bed and breakfast where you leave her for a good night’s rest.

Give her car new life with a wash and vacuum, new mats, seat covers, emergency kit, air freshener, console organizer, visor mirror, cup holders, new music, etc.

Select a small unique mothers day gift that represents each letter of the word MOTHER. For example, a pretty oven mitt for M, a gift certificate to the Olive Garden for O, etc.