Unique Kids Gifts

Robot Kit - Photo: Rumtopf/flickr

Robot Kit - Photo: Rumtopf/flickr

Robot Kit - Photo: Rumtopf/flickr
Rocket Kit - Photo:Erik Charlton/flickr
Spool Knitting Kit - Photo: Funky Art Queen/flickr

How-to Gift Kits make unique kids gifts. Go to used bookstores or garage sales and look for books that tell HOW-TO do something. (Some subjects I have found – how to make paper flowers, paper airplane instructions, science books, cookbooks – and then I find supplies needed and make a little kit. For instance, with the paper flower book (which I gave my niece), all I needed to add was a pack of crepe paper, some wire, and some florists tape. - Mary Ellen

Note from Mel:

My husband and I made an electronics kit for our boys one Christmas just this way, by starting with a book on electricity projects I found at a thrift store in Texas. We gathered all the supplies in my dad's garage and a trip to Radio Shack.

It totally surprised me when the boys showed almost NO interest in the kit. They opened it, thanked us and put it away with hardly a moment of curiosity. I was a little disappointed in myself for choosing such a boring gift.

About THREE YEARS passed! I nearly threw all the stuff out at one point, but one of the boys protested so we kept it awhile longer. Then one day my younger son found a cork. He ran up and got the electricity kit and began rummaging. Before I knew it, he had put together a motor and a propeller.

After that, he was tinkering all the time. Ahile back, he used some of his supplies to attach a musical Christmas Card to a broken radio so that the card would play through the speakers!

It seems my gift wasn't boring...I was just ahead of their time!

Above, I have included pictures of several other homemade kids kits that make unique kids gifts.

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