Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas Part 2 - Furoshiki Fabric Gift Wrap

I like unique gift wrapping ideas that are REALLY quick to use. That is why furoshiki are my new favorite gift wrap. These Japanese wrapping scarves or cloths (also called bojagi in Korea) are a beautiful - and useful - tradition.

You don't have to to Asia to experience the fun and ease of fabric gift wrap...and the best part, in my opinion, is that the wrap is not crumpled and thrown away in a few seconds. It can be reused as gift wrap again and again, tied into a quick tote bag, spread across a table, or used in a myriad of other ways for style or decor.

Since we don't happen to have any silks from the Orient about the house, we chose several calicos to make our first fabric wraps.

Making ffuroshiki

All you need is a square of fabric. The smallest we made was at 27 inches. Our biggest is about 45 inches, but if you have a very large gift, you might want to look at bedsheets.

If you choose a fabric that frays, you can hem the edges or go with our no-sew secret! Just get a bottle of artist's acrylic medium from Hobby Lobby. It is basically like paint with no pigment. Brush a little tiny bit of the medium on the edges of the fabric and let it dry. Voila! No fray edges.

Note: I was careful to buy matte medium and brush on the back side of the fabric to keep the medium as invisible as possible. On the cotton calicos, the medium hardly shows at all. On a very thin rayon mix, the medium dried a bit darker than the fabric. It still looked fine to me, but you may want to test on your fabric.

Fabric Gift Wrap

The Simplest Way to Wrap a Gift With Fabric

  1. Set the gift in the middle
  2. Bring two opposite corners up and tie them once (half a knot.)
  3. Bring the other two corners together and tie them twice (a full knot.)
  4. Smooth the corners so they will lay nicely.

Here are lots more unique gift wrapping ideas from the government of Japan, where people are being encouraged to use traditional furoshiki over paper and plastic:

Furoshiki Ties from the Ministry of the Environment in Japan


After making quite a few of these beautiful fabric squares to use this Christmas and to give to family and friends, I stopped in at our Salvation Army because I heard about a big sale on winter gloves and hats.

It wasn't until I was standing in line that I looked back at the racks of scarves, all on sale for 99 cents!

So check your local thrift store for beautiful artistic fabric scarves - instant furoshiki!

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