Unique Gift Ideas for Mom
(From Creative Dads)

"Finding unique gift ideas for mom is always a challenge for me. You have a good one for me each year. Thanks!"
- Marti from Sydney, Australia

And thanks to all of you for visiting this site and especially to all the dads who share their fabulous Mothers Day gift ideas with all of us. Here are some of the latest:

With print-on-demand services, it is super easy to make a photo calendar for Mothers Day with pictures of all the children or grandchildren. The Bilasi brothers from Abilene, Texas gathered favorite pictures of their children and created a calendar for their wives and mother, complete with every family birthday, anniversary and event on their proper dates. 

Make a custom coffee table book like Ben Quo did with his two young children, using artwork he had saved during the school year. This gift can work just as well with older children, even adults. You can include photos, favorite quotes, drawings, copies of letters or emails, comics, and journal entries.

Compose a song for mom, practice it, and give her a one of a kind performance. Jerry, who admits he can't read or play a note, made a Mothers Day parody with his daughter out of his wife's favorite Elton John song. If you are not a musician, you can follow Jerry's example and write new lyrics to a simple tune.

Find an exceptional photo of your wife and child(ren). Have it blown up as large as you can and have it framed. (office supply stores will do large black and white "engineering" prints for really cheap.) If your photo won't enlarge well, you can use photo editing software to turn the picture into modern art (Andy Warhol style, for example).

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