Kids' Unique Fathers Day Gifts

These unique Fathers Day gifts are just the sort of ideas I love to collect and share. The gifts and Fathers Day activities were each put together by kids for their dads. Thank you to all my visitors who share their own creative ideas on this site!

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Michaela, 14 yrs. - About two weeks before Fathers day I took a package of colored 3x5 cards and began writing down memories of times that my dad helped me, taught me something, or did something special with/for me. Every day I wrote several more. At the end I had about 70 done, which I hid inside a new box of his cereal as the prize. (Mel's note: Carefully open the bottom of the box and slip your gift inside. Then glue the flap back down.) When he read the cards, he started crying! He is such a a great father.

Kimberly, 14 yrs. - For Fathers day two years ago my sisters and I put some money together and bought my dad two fruit trees for the backyard. He takes such good care of them that we already had some apricots to try!
From Mel: What plant would your dad enjoy? Maybe upside down tomatoes in a bucket, a flower that attracts humming birds, a cactus, strawberry plant in a container, or a hot pepper plant. Plants make cheap and unique Fathers Day gifts!

Randall, 13 yrs. - For a gift for my dad, I printed some little cards on the computer with the name of each man in our family like me, dad, grandpa, great grandpa, etc. as far back as I could go. I also put each man's birth date. (My aunt just did our family tree so I got some of the information from her.) Then I glued the cards in order on a board and my mom helped me coat it with varnish.

Film Clapper - Photo thanks to Varlan

Anna, 16 yrs. - My dad likes making home movies and videos of our family so one of my friends had this great idea to get him one of those clapper boards online. 

Pam, mom - I saved our two sons artwork all through the year so instead of putting it all in a file drawer somewhere, they helped me make a Fathers day present out of the best four pieces. We went to Hobby Lobby and picked matching mats and frames to tie them all together and then they helped get the pictures in the frames. My older son who is 7 said he thought they looked "professional"! Anyway, my husband loved the artwork and hung them in "his" bathroom where he gets ready each morning

Kids Making Gifts - Photo thanks to

Terry, mom - My children came up with some fun Fathers Day activities I'd like to share with you. They asked me to invite 3 other families from our homeschool group over for a special Fathers Day breakfast. The children from all 4 families did everything - some decorated, some cooked and some entertained. They did a little comedy routine and a speech and two of the girls played a duet on the piano for us. All the dads liked it very much and asked them to do it again next year.

Jim, dad - On Fathers Day last year, my four boys woke me up early in the morning (!!!) and told me they would each do one chore for me that day, whatever I wanted. Even my five year old was out there in the yard picking up all the sticks. It is a good Fathers day memory.

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