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Makeup Brush Bag - Photo: DanaK-WaterPenny/flickr.com

Makeup Brush Bag - Photo: DanaK-WaterPenny/flickr.com

Makeup Brush Bag - Photo: DanaK-WaterPenny/flickr.com
Fabric Lunch Bag - Photo: Deb Roby/flickr.com
Scrunchies from ikatbag.com

Do you have fabric scraps laying around? Here are 5 unique fabric gifts you can make in no time!


Super easy gift idea for girlfriends!!! This one is one of my favorites cause it is so quick. I have used leftover fabric or even cut up clothes from my give away bag to make little make up brush cases and make up cases. I usually just do a quick quilted main part made from two layers of fabric with something soft between (batting or a piece of an old baby quilt). Then I take another piece of fabric about the same size as the main piece and fold it in half and make the little pockets out of that by sewing straight lines a little ways apart (big enough for different size brushes.) Then I have used homemade bias tape to bind the edges. That looks really cute. You can do the same thing for an artist for paint brushes. For the make up bags, I have done a variety of patterns – just look for a wallet pattern or small purse. - Carrolyn in Hong Kong


For Fathers Day, I sewed my dad a laptop sleeve/cover and my husband got an iPad sleeve. I made both of them out of one extra large mens shirt. For his birthday, I also made my husband a CD holder to go on his visor. It has six pockets for CDs. - No name


For Christmas, my daughter and I made her teachers lunch bags. Each one only takes about ¼ yard of fabric so you could easily use scraps. If you don't have one big piece, you could even sew several smaller pieces together to have enough. - Lindsey in Washington


You can make beautiful wall hangings for pennies if you keep you eyes open for fabric in unlikely places. One of my favorite sources is dollar day at the thrift store near me where I can find great skirts in much nicer prints than I could afford at the fabric store. The simplest wall hanging is a simple strip hanging from a rod with a string tied to the rod's ends for hanging. Quilted pieces are beautiful, of course, but if you don't quilt, there are many other artistic things you can do without sewing. In fact, you can do a no-sew “quilt” just gluing the fabric together and leaving raw edges exposed. Or tear two or more fabrics into strips and weave them. There are so many ideas to make pretty gifts. - Lenexa, KS


Scrunchies make quick easy gifts for little girls. I usually make one to match any outfit I sew. – Meredith in Aledo IL
Note from Mel: Check out these easy instructions from Lorraine at ikatbag.com
How to Make Scrunchies


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