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Snow Wolf  Wheeled Snow Shovel

It may not seem like a very exciting Christmas gift, but I GUARANTEE that the recipient of this shovel will sing its praises after one snowfall! 

The teeter-totter design saves your back from the heavy lifting of shovelfuls of snow, allowing you to "flip" the snow off of the blade, making quick work of driveways and sidewalks, and eliminating the lifting and twisting motions that cause most shoveling injuries.

My mother is nearly 70, and she does not only her own driveway, but then works her way down the block clearing all the neighbors' sidewalks!

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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas From Other Visitors

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Funny Gift Idea for Teen 
I saw this funny gift idea for a teen and thought I just have to use it for my son this year. It is pretty hilarious. You fill the baggies with grass …

Giant Games 
Take your favorite game and make a GIANT version of it! Most people have seen giant chess, but you can do the same thing with all sorts of games. It is …

More Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas 
My latest homemade Christmas gift ideas: Do you have an extra canvas bag laying around? These seem to mate and multiply in our house, all complete with …

Hand-made Paintings from Photos 
I was recently told about hand-made paintings from photos by one of my friends, and decided to get a custom panting from the best photo of my hubby and …

Matchbox Sewing Kits 
Last year for Christmas I wanted to give a little something to each of my friends. Since they were all girls who liked crafts, I thought a sewing kit that …

Christmas Carol Pictionary 
This game was a gift for my 8-year-old sister. I thought it would be fun to have a Christmas game, so came up with Christmas Carol Pictionary. I wrote …

12 days of Christmas Nativity 
Twelve Days of Christmas Nativity My favorite “12 Days of Christmas” is to leave one nativity piece each night and at the end of the 12 days the family …

Story Time Felt Board 
A felt board makes a great gift for children! I made one for my son. It is a felt board with stick on items. I took a large plywood board, covered it in …

Christmas Advent Book 
We made advent books for the relatives for Christmas, and they were a big hit. Here's what we used: -Clear-cover report portfolio -Fancy Christmas …

Grocery Bag Holder 
A friend gave us a grocery bag holder that can hang on a doornob. My grandmother saw it and really liked it, so for Christmas I figured out how to copy …

Personalized Game 
Every Christmas, I make my nieces and nephews a new personalized game for Christmas. The first year I had this Bingo game and I put photos or each family …

Organizing Christmas Loot! 
I like to help my family with organizing all their Christmas loot so I often include some practical storage gifts along with the fun stuff. Over the last …

Christmas Shower Curtain 
I ordered my grandchildren a christmas shower curtain on Amazon because they like decorating for the holidays so much. From Mel: Holiday decorations …

Useful Christmas Gifts for Neighbors 
We try to make gifts for neighbors and friends from church each year. Our whole family works on the gifts a few Saturdays during the fall and it makes …

Borax Snowflake Ornaments 
I home school my oldest son, and for his chemistry project last year, we made borax crystals. I found a cute idea for these snowflakes and we went to town …

Iced Coffee Mix 
Last year I made my family and friends Iced Coffee Mix in a few different flavors. I mix together equal parts instant coffee, sugar and instant pudding …

Pop Your Own Popcorn 
If the idea of popping and seasoning dozens of buckets of popcorn for holiday gifts frightens you, then this idea is for you. If the mere thought of those …

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