The Right Cleaning Tools for the Job - Mothers day Gift Basket

by Diane
(Silver Lake,MI)

I made this Mothers Day gift basket after my mom and I talking about how our husbands would never do a job without the right tools, but we clean all year round with "make-do" tools - old socks, worn out broom, etc.

I took a caddy (in place of the basket) and filled it with the best cleaning tools I could find. I included:
window squeegee
ostrich duster
apron with pockets
razor knife
plastic scraper
heavy duty little and big brushes
whisk broom
cotton cleaning cloths
spray bottles
and a few more things I can't remember right now.

Some moms might take this gift the wrong way, but my mom loved it because I included a note with it that told her how important the work she does is to our whole family and that she deserved the right tools for the job.

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