The ABCs of Your Family

by Abigail
(Richmond, VA)

I was skimming websites and happened upon a baby shower gift idea (you should totally have a section for that on here, btw), and was completely inspired to do a gift. This would be a great gift when you have a party, and it would work for any holiday or birthday or a shower. First, make a handmade book of simple, white paper with a cute cover. There are tons of DIY sites that can show you how to do simple, paperback books. Design a cute ABC cover, and on the first page, invite each of your guests to sign their name (and maybe a little message). On each following page, write, "A is for..." and then leave the remainder of the page blank. The next page would be, "B is for..." and so on. Each guest can then fill in a page or two of the book, with a little doodle or two and whatever they want to add. Once all 26 letters are accounted for, the book can be presented to whomever it was intended for.

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