A Thanksgiving Gift Idea

Looking for an idea for a small hostess gift to take to Thanksgiving dinner this year?

Or are you adopting the growing tradition of giving your small holiday gifts earlier in the season instead of trying to do everything at Christmas?

I have several friends who are taking some of the Christmas pressure off by sending Thank-You cards at Thanksgiving in lieu of Christmas cards, using it as an opportunity to express thankfulness for each recipient's role in their life, as well as extending well-wishes for the upcoming holiday season. 

If you are invited to dinner, bring a quick and easy gift for the host/hostess. Do not expect food gifts to be utilized immediately, it is perfectly acceptable for the recipient to save them for later. You don't want to compete with whatever menu they already have planned.

  • Jar of Gourmet Cranberry Relish or Apple Butter
  • Pumpkin Spice Bread Mix
  • Seasonal Gourmet Coffee Blend
  • An Apron 
  • Ceramic Pumpkin Dish (with lid) OR Fall Themed Tin Filled with Dried Cranberries
  • Nutcracker and Bag of Nuts
  • Bottle of Wine 
  • Fresh Flowers

Plan ahead for a Thanksgiving activity idea to draw family and friends together and create your own traditions:

  • Fall Scene Puzzle to Work on After Dinner
  • Board Game for Those Uninterested in Sports 
  • Supplies For a Letter Box Hunt Including Stamp, Ink Pad, Notepad and Directions for a Local Hunt (Find out more about letterboxing at www.letterboxing.org . My children love this treasure hunt activity. I love the exercise we get while doing it.)
  • A Scavenger Hunt List with a prize for the Winning Team or Person
  • Small Booklet or Scrapbook Titled "Things I Love About My Family" - Pass it around for everyone to write in.
  • Purchase a white or light-colored tablecloth and fabric markers - Have family and friends write on the tablecloth what they are thankful for, along with a signature and date. Make it a yearly tradition to add thank-you's to the tablecloth. Make sure there is a protective layer or pad underneath to prevent damage to the table. This can be either a dinner table size, or a covering for a smaller side or card table. 

Use these personal Thanksgiving gift ideas for friends and co-workers who need to know that you are thankful to be a part of their lives:

  • Holiday Organizer Notebook - You can buy one or put it together yourself with printables found online, such as: Winter Calendar, Work/School Gift List, Family Gift List, Friends Gift List, Holiday Meal Planning, Events/Parties
  • Fresh wreath for door OR table centerpiece
  • Holiday Music - Buy new, or create a custom mix CD or playlist
  • Thanksgiving Cactus (which blooms in November, not to be confused with the Christmas Cactus which blooms in December)
  • Memory Jar - Cut colored paper into small pieces. Using just a few words, write on each one a memory of an experience you had with the recipient that you are thankful for. Keep your memories short so you have time to think of dozens.
  • Sample of One of Your Favorite Holiday Dishes plus a Hand Written Copy of the Recipe - When I give a recipe as a Gift, I like to include a little story or memory about that recipe.
  • New Ornament, Candle, or Other Holiday Decoration

Happy Thanksgiving!

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