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Wondering what to get for that hard-to-buy-for teen on your gift list?

Framed Movie Posters


Life-Size Cardboard Cutouts of Favorite Movie Characters

Is your teen a Star Wars Fan?  Check out this page dedicated to unique Star Wars gifts for more ideas!

Bongo or Djembe drums with an instructional DVD. Hand drumming is fun, cool,  and easy to learn!

Purchase two admission tickets for an amusement park or a sports event - one for your teenager and one for you or a friend.

For a teen who enjoys writing, a calligraphy pen and parchment, a leather journal, or a seal and a couple of colors of sealing wax.

Give a stock market share from one of your favorite companies or from a good company of interest to young people. Along with it, give a simple book about how the stock market works.

Give lessons or equipment for outdoor adventure activities such as scuba diving, snowboarding, inline skating, mountain biking, wakeboarding, kangaroo shoes, etc.

Order a round trip airplane, train or bus ticket for visiting a friend or relative.

Extreme Bedroom Makeover. Let him or her pick out a couple favorite paint colors. Go shopping together at antique stores, used furniture stores and thrift stores to find workable furniture and lighting. Keep your eyes open for unique decorations and potential art such as old signs, record covers, photos and greeting cards. Use items around the house to create a custom wastebasket, door hanger, and coasters.

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Jewelry makes great Christmas gifts for teen girls. For a a very elegant teen Christmas gift idea, choose a real or faux pearl necklace and present it in a pretty jewelry box.

For a Christmas gift for a teen boy, give a matching leather belt and watch or wrist band.

Buy a lightweight metal detector and a book on treasure hunting.

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Get a book or video on juggling along with balls, rings wands???

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