Sweetest Day Gifts

These Sweetest Day gifts are true to the spirit of the founder of the holiday!

In the early 20's, Herbert Kingston, who worked for a candy company, wanted to do something special for the orphans, sick folks and other unfortunate citizens of Cleveland. With the help of friends and a couple of movie stars, Herbert started Sweetest Day. Thousands of children received a box of candy that day and the date went down in history.

The holiday is still celebrated today, especially in our area - the MidWest. Here are some fun gift ideas for Sweetest Day:

Sweet Sweetest Day Gifts

  • Make your own gourmet chocolate candies with different varieties and colors of chocolate and some small candy molds. My friend, Alisa, told me about doing this with her son. Being the artsy person she is, she colors white chocolate with food coloring and uses a paint brush to paint designs and accents on the inside of the molds. After that has hardened, she pours milk or dark chocolate to fill the molds. She puts the tray of molds in the freezer for a little while to harden more. Everyone thinks the chocolates are beautiful...and delicious!
  • Make or buy a huge batch of caramel popcorn. Divide it up into small plastic bags and tie with a fun ribbon.
  • One of the most inexpensive candies you can make is butter toffee. The most simple recipes only use two ingredients: butter (or margarine) and brown sugar. After you make it, break the toffee into small pieces and give in a small glass dish (I find really nice ones at thrift stores).
  • Mix up a batch of sugar cookie dough and wrap it in plastic wrap. Include a couple of fun cookie cutters, some sugar sprinkles and baking instructions.
  • For someone who tries to eat healthier, bring them Cinnamon Almonds or a basket of fresh or dried fruit.

  • Give a gift certificate to one of these sweet places: donut shop, old fashioned ice cream parlor, bakery, coffee shop, online candy store, etc.

Sweetest Day Gift Ideas that Don't Involve Food

  • Buy a flowering indoor plant to bring the sweet outdoor smell inside for the winter ahead.
  • Select a pretty card and a frame to put it in after it is read.
  • Pick out some extra sweet smelling candles like my current favorite, Cinnamon Teacakes.
  • Find or make a mixture tape or CD with love songs - sweet music for someone you love.
  • Run an ad in the newspaper letting everyone know how sweet this person is. In a few words, tell something especially sweet they have done.
  • Invite friends to gather to read poetry - that you each have written or from classic poets - in celebration of Sweetest Day.

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