Stocking Stuffers for Men

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas for the men in your life?

This is THE gift for every guy on your list this year!

How many guys do you know that complain about the wad of keys in their pocket? Like E V E R Y man you know? He will think you're a genius for solving this problem!

Pretty much every guy I know has a pocket knife but some do not have knife sharpening whetstones. Those make good stocking stuffers if the guy already has the knife. Be sure to include instructions on how to properly sharpen the knife.

- Isaiah in Arlington

Survival Kit stocking stuffer - Photo thanks to mikepetrucci/

Take a little plastic jar or case and put together a mini survival kit with waterproof matches, fishing line, razor blade, fire starter, bandages, etc. I made these for my brothers-in-law to put in their trucks.

- Amanda in MN

I always give my husband restaurant gift cards to places near his work for quick lunches.

- Shellie in OH

This year my husband is getting a small reference guide to native plants because he has been really trying to identify the plants we pass while we walk. There are pocket sized (or stocking sized!) guides to every subject imaginable.

-Kate in OH

If you are looking for stocking stuffers for men, how about a new hat & gloves?

~Sue in MI

Another great idea is those little metal puzzles that guys will work on for hours...until they figure them out. :-) If he is into cards, you can find a deck with a neat logo or pictures of something he is into like Harleys, sports, etc. - B.H. in Maine

Bottle openers make good stocking stuffers for men. I always keep my eyes open for nice ones to give to the relatives I don't know as well. I mean, everyone seems to need them and can't find them!

- Ron in Muskegon, MI

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