Creative Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Are you looking for better stocking stuffer ideas than the items in the dollar bins near the checkout lane? Take a look at the Christmas stocking stuffers these readers came up with!

Card games make great stocking stuffers. A new card game in each stocking will keep the holiday parties lively!

Ask at the bank for silver dollars, two-dollar bills or other fancy less circulated coins to put in your kids' stockings.

Or, to encourage investing, actual silver or gold bullion. Just make sure they understand what it is!

Christmas Napkins Stocking Stuffers - Photo: prettypooeater/

I made each of my children a personalized fabric Christmas napkin to use during the holidays. They love taking them out with our decorations each year. (I originally stuffed them in their stockings.) - Linda in China

Or, get some plain cloth napkins and some fabric markers and have everyone decorate their own pillowcases, napkins or the family tablecloth--every year the kids can add a new drawing. Make sure they sign their name and year to each one!

Fill her stocking with nail art supplies. A girl can never have too many colors!

Small Lego sets or mystery minifigure packs make good Christmas stocking stuffers for children. - Annie

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