Soup Gift Basket

by Mel, the Gift Girl

Soup in a Jar<br>Photo: alice_henneman/

Soup in a Jar
Photo: alice_henneman/

The first soup gift basket idea is mine, the other two from readers. They make great gifts for all sorts of occasions - holidays, get well gifts, and hostess gifts...and they are so easy to put together!

White Bean Soup Gift Basket
I knew this recipe would make a great gift when my children started asking for it all the time. Everyone seems to like it and I like how easy it is to make. You can have it on the table in about ten minutes or less! What you need:

shiny stock pot, decorative soup tureen, crock pot or basket
large jar of Randalls great northern beans
packet of powdered Garlic Alfredo sauce mix
cornbread mix
large soup mugs
oyster crackers, crusty bread or crunchy breadsticks
directions for soup - "Mix sauce according to package directions and add jar of beans. Heat for 3-4 minutes on low."

Instant Mix Soup Basket
I saw some recipes online for instant soup mixes so I tried a couple out like Cream of Potato (uses mashed potato flakes and dried milk) and a Tomato Soup that uses dried tomato powder (at first I bought that but then I had an abundance of tomatoes in the garden so I learned how to make my own - sounds a bit odd, I know, powdering tomatoes, but it really doesn't take me much time). Anyhow, I made up these mixes and made gift baskets with several packets of different varieties to my two nieces who live in college dorms. - Sheila in Richmond, VA

Holiday Soup
For a fun Christmas gift basket for the neighbors, I made three big jars of noodle soup mix with directions that after Christmas dinner was over, they should boil their turkey carcass, strain it and add the noodle soup mix, which included fine noodles, spices, chicken bouillon,etc. - Carrey in Ashland, OR

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