A Secret Santa Gift Idea
25 Surreptitious Holiday Gifts

Are you stumped for a Secret Santa gift idea? Did you draw the name of someone hard to shop for? Find an idea for your gift exchange here:

Just this past year, I needed a Secret Santa gift idea when my husband's family tried out a gift exchange. In the end, we did reveal our identities to each other, so the secrets came out.

It turned out to be a fun way to exchange gifts because I put all my energy into finding a special gift for one person, instead of scrambling to come up with a gift for every family member.

The way my husband's family did it: We each put our name on a slip of paper and every person drew one of the papers out of a bag. Whoever you got, you were that person's Secret Santa. As most people do, we set a low price limit and everyone pretty much stuck to it. We each saved money and everyone got a nice gift.

The Secret Santa gift ideas I have listed are good for co-workers, family, small groups, school mates or any group. They cost from five to twenty-five dollars. Have fun with your Secret Santa gift exchange!

Wireless Key / Remote Control Locator for the person who is always losing their keys

Deck of playing cards, card holders and book of card game rules

An Amaryllis bulb with instructions how to force blooming

A Short Story Collection

 A  stress-relieving coloring book and pencils for adults

Gourmet Chocolate Bar Assortment

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