Pop Your Own Popcorn

by Abigail Moore
(Richmond, VA)

If the idea of popping and seasoning dozens of buckets of popcorn for holiday gifts frightens you, then this idea is for you. If the mere thought of those dozens of buttery buckets to wash frightens you even more, then this is absolutely the gift for you. :) I absolutely LOVE popcorn. It's one of my favorite things to eat as a snack, and there are so many possibilities for seasonings to spice it up. My boys, however, are both too young to assist in mass popcorn manufacturing, so this year, we're going to be giving popcorn a little bit differently. Austin, my two year old, loves to draw, so he will be in charge of decorating the labels for our half size Mason jars, which will be a large square for one side of the jar, and the round label for the top of the jar. The next step is super simple. Just purchase popping corn at the grocery store, and fill the jar most of the way, leaving just enough room at the top for a small baggie. Then, in a large mixing bowl, stir together any blend of seasonings that you would like. In the past, we've done Cajun, a sort of cayenne and salt mixture, and a powdered cheese topping. Measure out the correct portions for the amount of kernels you've provided, and pour into a sandwich baggie. Tie with a small bow and place in the top of the Mason jar. Then, top with the lid and tie a pretty bow around the neck of the jar and write the name of your popcorn flavor on the label. Here's your chance to be creative, or, if you have kids, they can come up with some ideas. The great thing about this gift is that you don't even need to wrap it up, because it's so pretty, and the jar can be reused by the giftee if you simply tape the label on instead of glue it on.

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