Personalized Game

by Denise
(Cookeville, KY)

Every Christmas, I make my nieces and nephews a new personalized game for Christmas. The first year I had this Bingo game and I put photos or each family member on the squares and then made up trivia cards where each answer was the name of a family member. The next year I took Stratego and did photo copies of our pictures and made each person into a playing piece. They liked that one so much I have done a new one ever year forever. I've done memory, Monopoly (with our streets instead of the normal ones and different cards and playing pieces that represented each of their hobbies), Old Maid (with me as the Old Maid!), and Scattergories with all the categories being based on our family.

I think the best part is, I have as much or more fun making the games up as they have playing them.

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