Personalised Collage

by Amrit Sukhani
(Kolkata, W.B., India)

Me and My Boyfriend

Me and My Boyfriend

It was the year 2008 when on my birthday, my boyfriend himself made a collage on Photoshop consisting of both our photo and lyrics of a poem composed by him especially for me. It was the best birthday gift ever.

Later he told me that he learnt Photoshop from his friend for seven days before attempting to make the masterpiece. The choice of colors for the fonts and the font style were simply overwhelming. I could not believe my eyes seeing the background which was so flowery and eye-catchy.

The choice of words in the poem made me feel as if the poem was written by some professional poet. He used the word ‘SweetHeart’ so many times in the poem that it completely touched all strings of my heart.

He also made a cake for me made of chocolate mud titled ‘To the Best Sweetheart Ever’. It was really sweet of him to do all this for me. He also designed a t-shirt for me titled, ‘The Sweetest Girl in the Universe’.

My friends were so jealous of me that I have such a caring boyfriend. On the whole, I have never ever received a better gift from anyone on my birthday!

From Mel: Photoshop is a great tool for making gifts. If you don't have it, you can use free open source photo editing tools like Gimp.

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