Perfect Father's Day Gift

Are you looking for the perfect father's day gift? We have collected many unique father's day gift ideas. We like out of the ordinary fathers day gift ideas that ordinary people like us can afford and find easily!
Whether he acts like it matters to him or not, make the extra effort and find a fathers day gift he will enjoy! Do something special for your dad - not out of obligation, but out of love and honor for the person that he is.

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What Will Dad Like???

Dads can be so HARD to buy for! The solution for coming up with a great gift that dad will truly appreciate is to understand what his "love language" is.  Does he like getting gifts, or does he prefer just spending time doing a project together?  Once you understand the 5 different ways people express love and interpret other people's expressions of love, it will make gift-giving a whole lot easier!

This book will revolutionize your relationships not only with your spouse, but everyone you relate to!  If your dad is a reader (and even if he's not!), you might pick up a copy for him, too!  It is a gift that will keep on giving!

Comes in a personal and workplace edition, as well as versions for understanding how to apply this teaching to children and teens.

Is dad a golfer?  A little putting practice during the off-season (or just an off day) never hurt anybody's game!

For a dad who likes to travel, buy him a car navigation system...or a nice road atlas with a good cover or case to keep it in shape over long miles.

If dad drives an RV, there are special GPS editions that plan RV routes to avoid low clearances, and highlight RV-friendly routes and fuel stations.

Buy him and a fellow father (maybe HIS dad!) tickets to the ballpark or football stadium for a fun day together!

For a unique father's day gift, find one small gift that starts with each letter of FATHER or DAD. For example, a Fishing magazine, a bag of Almonds...Each family member can present him with one item in order. If there is a creative writer in your family, they can compose a short acrostic poem to be read as the gifts are presented! 

If your dad likes trees, buy him one of his favorite varieties at a local nursery so that he can plant it and watch it grow for years to come.

If your dad already has the trees, consider a hammock for him to hang between them! For those without trees, you can find a stand to hold a hammock or hammock chair.

Gather 12 family photos and have them made into a calendar for him to hang up in his office or at home. This unique father's day gift can be a project for an entire extended family to give to all the dads or grandpas. Ask each family for a group shot, or do a collage of individual photos, school photos, sports activities for each child/grandchild, or fun family vacations together. 

Buy him a new shower head with all the options and have it installed or install it yourself, if you can do it to his standards!

If dad enjoys cooking, get him a kitchen gadget like a donut, ice cream, or pasta maker. Bring the ingredients to make the first batch together.

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