Pampering Gift for Moms

by Janey
(El Paso, TX)

Here is my stand by gift for moms:
I like to put 1 cup regular, white rice in tube socks (after I've dyed the socks and tie pretty yarn on the end after putting the rice in)

Then I tell people to microwave the socks for about 55 secs... and then take the sock out and put it around your neck -- for warmth, relaxation, neck ache, etc. Since rice takes humidity out of the air (that's why we often add it to salt shakers), when you heat it a little, it releases the humidity and you have a nice, moist heat on your neck.
If you heat it too much, it releases the humidity in the microwave. And, if you really heat it too much... you can burn the rice, the sock and it stinks and it goes in the trash). ~ so each person has to experiment in their own microwave.

Also, if it's a little warm and you want to reheat it, you need to use LESS TIME in the microwave.

You can also make pillows with it (with more rice, and therefore more time in the microwave) -- so they can be used on cramps, ear aches, tooth aches, muscle aches, back aches.

The first one that was given to me was a pillow about 6-7 inches square.

My favorite use for them is on a freezing cold day when you need to go out and about . . . I always warm a sock up and put it around my neck-- and then put my jacket on over it.. It raises the temperature of your entire body 'til your car warms up. And it never cools off more than your body temperature.

You can also put them in a ziplock bag and put them in the freezer for the opposite use. Some hurts need cold before they need warmth. :)

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