Office Gift Ideas for Dads

Here are some gift ideas for dads who work in an office. My mom and I made it a tradition to always get my dad something for Fathers Day that he could take to his office to make it a little nicer or to remind him of home. She started the tradition when I was little and we have done it for so many years now that I can't remember all the gifts we got him. A few that I remember:
>Vintage black & white Old West photo of the two of us we got at a fair
>Cubs mouse pad and coffee mug
>Hot Wheels models of his favorite vintage cars (he was a car salesman)
>several desk organizers (he moved to new lots a couple times)
>small fridge for drinks
>lumbar support pillow
>homemade desk calendar

Lots of people say its hard to find gift ideas for dads but I guess since we had the theme, it made finding a gift easy. You might be able to adapt the idea to your dad even if he doesn't work at an office.

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