Fun New Years Eve Party Ideas & Crafts

Unique New Years Eve party ideas and New Years crafts for a rousing time with your friends and family!

International New Year's Eve Party Ideas - Look up New Year's traditions & foods from around the world and choose some to try. For instance, in Argentina people go swimming at the stroke of midnight. In many Spanish speaking countries such as Spain and Venezuela, everyone eats 12 grapes right at twelve. In the Netherlands people hold huge bonfires to burn their Christmas trees.

Dance the Night Away - Host a dance party, inviting everyone to bring their favorite dance music. Have guests teach dances to the whole family/group. You may want to give suggestions ahead of time so that older guests will bring music and dances that were popular when they were young. Award prizes to the fastest learners, most daring dancers, etc.

Party Hat Kit - This is one of the great New Years crafts kids can do at a grown up party. Gather up newspapers (especially comics), wrapping paper, construction paper, etc. along with ribbons, cutouts and other decorations. Print out simple instructions for different folded paper hats. You can make it a contest with prizes if you want participation from everyone.

Family Journal - Find or make a blank journal or scrapbook and ask each person to write or draw about their favorite memory from the year plus a hope for the new one. Bring the book out next year to read...and write in again.

Slumber Party - As a gift to parents you know, host a sleepover for children. Plan a simple but fun evening with games, snacks and activities. You can even turn the clocks ahead and count down midnight with the kids a little early!

Book Worm's New Year - Some New Years Eve party ideas are for quieter folks! If you fit that description, invite friends to bring their favorite book of the year for a book swap and trade reading material on New Year's Eve.

Reconnect - On New Year's day, gather up all the extra telephones and letter writing supplies you can find and invite everyone to join you for a time of reconnecting with old friends. At this party, everyone is to think of someone they know whom they have not talked to in...well, too long. Then help each other locate phone numbers and addresses and get to it! Don't let another day go by.

A Day For the Unknown - Spend New Year's Day with your children or a loved one doing NEW things you have never done before. You can visit a park in another neighborhood, try an ethnic restaurant you've never eaten at before, read a new book together, listen to a different radio station, go across town a different way, do New Years crafts together, and talk about subjects you've never discussed.

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