Mothers Day Spa Gifts that Don't cost Salon Prices!

by Jen
(Brownsville, TX)

I like to make Mothers Day spa gifts for ladies I know with small children. Rather than send them to a spa, I send the spa to them!

Personalized robe - Find a plush robe and then cut out an M from some pretty cloth and applique the M to the lapel of the robe. I have found a couple of really nice robes at our Salvation Army that I washed and personalized, but you can also get monogrammed ones through catalogs.

Body/Bath Oil - Choose three or four essential oils to buy and you can mix up numerous blends with inexpensive cooking oil or a lighter almond oil. I like grapefruit, bergamot, lavender, rosemary and mint essential oils.

Find a plush towel set to roll up and tie with a pretty ribbon.

Mix equal parts salt and oil to make a salt scrub for rough feet. Add a couple drops of the mint essential oil, if you have it for a refreshing smell.

To complete your Mothers Day spa gift, put the items you chose in a cute tote bag or basket with a couple of chocolates and tea lights. Voila!

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