Mothers Day Lilac Trees

by Krista R.
(Lancaster, PA, USA)

Growing up we had four lovely lilac trees in our back yard. Fresh lilac bouquets were always available in the spring and early summer. It's my mom's favorite flower. Well, we moved from that house years ago and into a new house that also had lilac trees. My mom was thrilled.

As the years went on, life changed drastically for my family. While I was in college, my father passed away and my mom moved to the town where she grew up, closer to family. This new house didn't have any lilac trees.

I decided that year to not just give my mom a bouquet of lilacs, but the whole tree so she can enjoy them for longer. It became a tradition and for the next 4 years for Mother's Day she got a new lilac tree. I bought her varying colors and types so she could enjoy the differences of that fragrant flower. She loved them and it made me happy to bring a smile to mom's face.

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