A Mothers Day Gift Basket

Put together a Mothers Day gift basket for your mom with one of these great ideas! Almost any container can be turned into a fun gift basket for Mothers Day. Choose one and then start collecting the items to place inside.

When I need a last minute gift for a mom, I do a date-in-a-box! I make a gift certificate promising to baby sit her children & include a theater or movie store rental gift card, a restaurant gift card, and a bottle of wine or sparkling juice. - Karry in Ithica, NY

Here is what I did for my mom last year. I got a bottle of sun lotion, a new pair of sunglasses and I tied these up in a bright new beach towel. Then I found a long stick from the yard and poked it through the knot in the towel and made a little card that said MOM'S RUN AWAY DAY. - Holly in Perryville, MO

Several years ago on Mothers Day I was out of town taking care of my own mother. My two daughters sent me a book gift basket with a very special card. In the basket they put the book Chicken Soup for the Soul with a chicken noodle soup mix. I made the soup and shared it with my mother while I read to her from the book. - Christine in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Note from Mel: You could adapt the same idea to many books, choosing a food to go along with the theme of the book...or just put in chocolate!!!

A Mothers Day Gift Basket for the Tea Lover - Different varieties of teas, loose and bag, along with honey, a tea ball, special-service-for-one tea set, homemade or store bought mini banana breads or other sweet treat, and a personalized card. My mother-in-law LOVED this basket! I would too!!! - Tami in PA
Note from Mel: If you keep your eyes open, you can often find specialty teas on sale at the grocery store or at discount shops like TJ Maxx. If you grab a few and keep them on hand, you can put together a quick gift basket when you need one!

Skip all the plastic, paper and packaging! Give your mom a reuse/recycle "gift basket" for Mothers Day! First, you probably have a tote bag around with logos from a store or somewhere. Cut out decorations (flowers, patchwork squares, whatever) from fabric scraps or old clothes. Glue or sew these onto the tote to cover the old logos. You can also hand or machine stitch "quilt" lines all over with colorful thread, sew on buttons, wrap the handles, etc. Then fill the tote with re-gifted items or with items like a reusable water bottle, reusable coffee filter, reusable sandwich bags, etc. - Karen in Quincy, MA

Picnic Basket - Fill with a brightly colored set of plastic dishes, some pretty napkins and a meal like one of these:

  • Gourmet chicken or pasta salad, crusty loaf of bread, sparkling juice or wine
  • Taco salad, chips and salsa, fresh melon
  • Chicken tenders, coleslaw, potato salad and chocolate cake

Then take your mom for a Mothers Day picnic!

Decorative Mixing Bowl - Tie a large, colorful ribbon around a set of wooden spoons; add a brightly designed oven mitt, a package of coffeecake mix, and a flavored coffee. - Katy

Buy a variety of greeting cards and organize them inside a small file box with files. Add a couple of nice pens or markers, some stickers for envelope decoration, address labels, and some pretty postage stamps.

Make a travel cosmetic bag that matches what your mom uses at home. You don't have to get everything she uses, just the most important favorites. That way, when she travels she doesn't have to pack a bag, she just grabs it and goes.

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