More Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Painted tote - Photo thanks to Majesty/

Painted tote - Photo thanks to Majesty/

My latest homemade Christmas gift ideas:

Do you have an extra canvas bag laying around? These seem to mate and multiply in our house, all complete with advertising logos and stains. Grab a can of fabric spray paint (or even plain fabric paint, but it will be a bit more work), set the bag upside down on a post or hang by the handles and spray the bag all over. If the inside is stained, you can paint that too. Once the base coat is dry, use stamps or stencils to add a new design.

Gather your family's favorite recipes and write on recipe cards, in a new notebook, or even self-publish a hardcover book. This is a great gift for a new daughter-in-law or kids moving out on their own. Or, prepare one simple recipe and give it to a friend or neighbor along with the recipe card.

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