Mexican Gift Basket

by Josie
(San Bernadino, CA)

Mexican Gift Basket Items<br>Photo: YoAmes/

Mexican Gift Basket Items
Photo: YoAmes/

When my husband's relatives visit from back east, I like to make them a Mexican gift basket with food items they probably have never seen before, but we eat all the time. It is a fun way to welcome them to our part of the country, the beautiful West.

You can find the ingredients for a Mexican gift basket at a larger grocery store or any small Mexican grocery store (tienda).

Find a Southwestern style basket or use a tortilla warmer to hold everything. If you want filler, you can use red, white and green paper or a southwestern style napkin or towel. Then start with a good bag of chips and a gourmet salsa. Add some dried or canned beans, queso fresco (Mexican crumbling cheese), dried or canned chiles, fresh limes, good corn tortillas (if you don't know a good corn tortilla when you see it, you definitely need to visit a Mexican grocery store) and a couple avocados.

Other ideas:

Mexican cookbook
galletas (Mexican cookies or crackers)
chicle (gum)
chipotle peppers or sauce
Jarritos sodas
mole sauce
comino (cumin)
masa for making corn tortillas
nopales (edible cactus - delicious!)
Abuelita hot chocolate
coconut milk
guava nectar

Note from Mel: I am getting very hungry right now! This idea for a Mexican gift basket is great no matter where you live. And if you have never been to a Mexican grocery store, you will have fun seeing something different from our huge chain stores.

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