Matching Mother Child Picture

by Charlyn
(Arlington, TX)

I saw this idea somewhere for making a matching mother & child picture gift.
1. Find a great picture of your mom when she was the same age you are now (or close to it.) The best ones are not too busy and show her alone, not with other people.
2. Find clothes (for yourself) to wear that are as close as possible to the ones she is wearing in the picture. You need the same colors and try to get the same styles if you can. In some cases (like mine) you might be able to wear some of the exact same clothes if your mom still has them. If you have to pin them or drape the clothes, that's ok too.
3. Go to the same location where the picture of your mom was taken or find a location that looks similar.
4. Have someone take a picture of you in the same pose as your mom had in her picture.
5. Frame the two pictures side by side!

My sister and I did this whole thing times two (fortunately we are the same size so we could use the same clothes!) and gave my mom all three pictures blown up extra large on canvas to hang in her office at the house. She was at her college campus so that is where we went for the pictures and we wore her college sweater which she had saved.

From Mel:
This is such a cute idea, Charlyn. I like the way you chose to put the pictures on canvas and turn them into big art!

I just had another thought that you could do a little book of these matching photos going from your mom's babyhood on up to present day. That would be pretty funny to find matching outfits and poses for when your mom was really little!

There are more ideas for fun ways to turn pictures into gifts in the Fathers Day section. You could take the matching mother child pictures and use them for any of the ideas on that page.

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