Love Song Pillow

I made my boyfriend a pillow case with lyrics to all different love songs we like. I didn't write out the whole song, but just the best parts. I used fabric markers and just put the pillow case over an old cutting board so there would be a hard surface to write against and so the marker wouldn't bleed through. He loves his gift and put it on his favorite pillow on his bed.

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Aviator pillow cases
by: Kidosmom

I am going to make my son a pillow case set. He is one of the USA youngest private pilots at age 17. He loves to fly.

1. White pillow cases
2. Icon aviator sunglasses, copy and paste into word
3. Print on paper
4. Take a picture
5. Enlarge to 8x10
6. put on tranfer t-shirt paper
7. One lense on one pillow
8. Other lense and bridges matching up with two picture.

If you want the imprint to be larger take it to your local photo copy store.

by: Eve

That is a brilliant idea!

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