Love is a Gift -
An Interview With Wendy from The Dating Divas!

Love is a gift that Wendy Jackman teaches women all over the world how to give - in the form of twosome adventures! In this interview, Wendy, one of the Dating Divas, shares her thoughts on romance, love gifts and why tangible love is important:

Everyone plans in different ways! Tell me about the first things you do to plan for a romantic adventure.

We all love to go out and do fun things with our men! I would have to say the first thing I do when preparing for date night is thinking first of things that my husband enjoys and then I come up with ideas around those things that I also enjoy.

So often people go out and watch a chick flick when their hubby may not love those or go shopping and my husband HATES shopping. So be sure to plan something that is of interest to you both! That way you can both relax, have fun, and make the best memories!

Wendy Jackman from The Dating Divas

What kind of gifts do you find to be most romantic and memorable?

Definitely from the heart, well thought out or homemade. My husband is the type of person who when he truly needs something he goes and gets it and I am the same. So when we do our holiday/anniversary/birthday gifts we try to think out of the box and do something that not only will they love, but will treasure and will make them feel so appreciated!

Who is the person who has most influenced your gift giving and why?

My husband (sounds quirky I know!) He is so thoughtful about all of his gift giving. Really goes the extra mile to make sure it is something that will say the thousands of words he can't every day. And this example is so good for me in such a crazy busy life!

Love is a Gift - You Are Appreciated!

Tell me about the gift you have most enjoyed giving!

The gift I LOVED giving the most was called "You Are Appreciated" It is by far the MOST powerful and meaningful gift I have ever given. I have never seen my husband so grateful and emotional.

What is the best part about being one of the Dating Divas?

It really is a blessing in life to be able to date your best friend every day. I love my hot husband and am so glad I get to show that love to him all the time!

The other reason it is so amazing being a part of the wonderful Diva team is that we change marriages every day and that is so rewarding to read and hear the success stories that flood our email boxes daily!

Where do you look for inspiration for your posts on

You know a lot of the time we have little ideas in our heads. And being on a team of 15 amazing women is a bonus! We have a behind the scenes site where we get to run all of our ideas by each other and brainstorm for even more! It is definitely the way to go. Having more than one brain think is unbelievably powerful and allows us to come up with great ideas!

Why do you think giving gifts and celebrating special traditions and holidays are so important in a relationship?

You know there have been a few times in my marriage when we just didnt have the money to "buy" each other gifts for a particular holiday. So I think that in those times of struggle and hardship it is most important for your other half to feel like there is still an undeniable love and that you did your best to come up with something to make them feel special. And just as important during the hard times, it is very important during the happy and busy times to show your love to them too.

Is there anything else you'd like to say?

I just want to thank Melanie for the opportunity to have this interview and I'd like to challenge everyone who comes to this site and discovers The Dating Divas to give your marriage your all.

I love the saying "Choose your love THEN love your choice!" You chose your spouse for a reason, if times are hard go back to the basics, date! If they are not hard, you still need to reconnect and remind yourselves on a daily basis that you love each other.


Wendy Jackman

The Dating Divas

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