I Spy Bottle

by Mandy Wilder
(Elkhart, IN)

I've never met someone who can resist looking at those I Spy books. For Valentines or whenever, you can make an I Spy bottle! Here's what you do:
-Choose a good sized bottle or jar with a lid and make sure it is clean and dry.
-Get enough candy to fill your bottle or jar. A small hard candy will work best, like red hots, m&m's, or candy hearts.
-As you fill the bottle, mix in your I Spy items/gifts. Some ideas: charms, earrings, ring, toe ring, cuff links,
alphabet letter beads spelling words like love, heart shaped beads, Hershey's kiss, etc.
-Make a list of the items to find in the bottle. You can make up rhymes or riddles to go with each item or just think up fun ways to describe them.

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