How to Make a Fathers Day Trivia Game

by Jacey

2 years ago we made my husband Jim a Fathers Day trivia game to play on Fathers Day after dinner. We used card stock for the cards and I hand wrote the questions each child came up with.

First we came up with three categories:
About Dad
Kids Memories
Places & Dates

For the About Dad category, I called friends and family and checked my old calendars to find out interesting things about Jim that the children might not know. For instance:

When dad was 11, he won a gold medal for...
(a) pie eating contest
(b) sailboat race
(c) typing
(d) poetry contest

Answer on back: Washington County Pie Eating Contest - He ate four chocolate pies in six and a half minutes!

For the Kids Memories category, each child thought of things they had done with Jim or remembered him doing when they were little and turned them into questions such as "Who did Dad take to the Cross County Rodeo?" and "Where were we when Dad slipped in a mud muddle?" and "Who told Dad 'You are a very good peanut!'"

Places and Dates I also got from the family calendar and that gave us some challenging questions! I gave a couple years to my oldest sons who can write well so that there would be questions for me too.

Each year since then, we have added a stack of new questions. We have played our Fathers Day trivia game a few times other than Fathers Day with grandparents and cousins and they liked it so much they want to make a set of cards with family trivia.

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