Homemade Valentine Gifts

Take these fun homemade Valentine gifts from readers and make them your own!

Our children have heard the story of how we met and fell in love and got married many times before so I thought it would be cute to hear their versions of the story. I grabbed my Flip camera and taped them telling me what they remembered and then edited the clips together with imovie to make a DVD for my husband. I added old pictures of us and some home movies from our wedding. It turned out so nice and their were some REALLY funny parts from my youngest son, since he had things a little mixed up.

~ana in SC

Are you crafty and detail-oriented? Try making your own pop-up card for a memorable keepsake.

Photo thanks to Samantha Celera and flickr.com

For Valentine Gifts this year, my girlfriends and I went to Goodwill and found a couple copies of Scrabble and another word game called Words. Then we glued a piece magnetic strip to the back of each game piece to make custom fridge magnets for spelling out romantic messages

~ Jodi in Bellevue WA

I was going to be away from home with work on Valentines Day so I made my wife a scrapbook called "A Book About You." It wasn't anything really fancy but it just had pictures I like of her and pages telling what she does each day and how much I appreciate it like going to the store to get our food. I also had a little part with things she dreams about doing - just me acknowledging her dreams and letting her know I was aware of them. She told me this was the best part of the book for her, since sometimes the dreams get lost in the chores of everyday life. 

~ no name in Huntsville AL

My children and I make homemade Valentine gifts every year, but last year we wanted to do something extra special for my dad since my mom passed away just before Christmas. We made a Valentine card that looked like a slice of pie and it said You're as sweet as apple pie -- Happy Valentines Day! Then we made him an apple pie to go with the card and inside was an "official" document (my 11 year old made on the computer) telling him he was signed up for the PIE OF THE MONTH CLUB. We have made him a different kind of pie each month around the 14th. He has loved that special attention...but what man wouldn't?! 

~ Carla in East Lansing MI

Treats from the kitchen make the best homemade Valentine gifts.

  Melt white chocolate, pour it on a wax paper or silicone mat-lined tray.  Take leftover candy canes, crush them, and sprinkle the candy canes over the chocolate. 

My girlfriend is a trail guide so she usually has on "rugged" outdoor gear. One year for homemade Valentine gifts, I just went out for a walk and found the prettiest stones I could find to make pendant necklaces for her. All you have to do is wrap the stones with wire (I used copper) and then tie them on a nice cord. ~Randall Walter

I made my girlfriend a bouquet of duct tape roses. 

~ Jay in Kansas City KS

Photo thanks to San Jose Library

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My daughter and I made strawberry fruit leather in our dehydrator and then cut out fruit hearts for each of her classmates. I stored these between wax paper in a disposeable tray. Her teacher really liked the idea because it was no sugar. - MaryBeth in DC

For my grandsons, I saved all the stickers I got in the mail and added a couple extra packs I saw on clearance and then made them each a little stapled sticker album and mailed these to them for Valentines. 

~ Janet

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