Valentine Day Gift Treats

Use a yummy homemade Valentine Day gift idea for  your own family or give the gift of free babysitting to a couple you know while you make one of these Valentine Day foods with their kids!

Melt chocolate and pour into a small tray with edges. Cool and remove hardened chocolate from tray gently. Melt another shade of chocolate in a re-closeable bag. Snip off a tiny corner of the bag. By slightly squeezing the bag, you can use it to write a message on your chocolate "canvas".

Chocolate Dips -  Buy small shortbread cookies or strawberries  and dip each one half way into melted chocolate. Let harden on wax paper.

For an even fancier look, drizzle a second color of chocolate across the cooled fruit.

Photo thanks to hezoos and flickr.com

Make or buy sugar cookie dough. Roll out and cut into heart shapes. Bake the cookies and cool. Then spread the cookies with frosting and press on small  candies.

OR decorate before baking by mixing an egg yolk with 10 drops of food coloring and then using it as paint on the unbaked cookies. Bake as usual, but watch carefully for over browning.

Or forget the cookies and just serve these Cherry Chocolate

M & M's!!!

Make a favorite pudding such as banana or butterscotch. Use chocolate syrup to draw a liquid heart on top of each dish of pudding before serving.

Photo thanks to Claudia Assad and flickr.com

Photo thanks to sontra and flickr.com

Use valentine day candy to leave a special message on the counter, table or someone's desk.

Again, I'm just gonna say:

Cherry Chocolate

M & M's!!!

Or White Strawberry Shortcake...

or Strawberry Milk Chocolate...

Or one of each...

or regular Milk Chocolate in Valentine's colors!

Make special Valentine ice cubes with plain water for flavored drinks, or serve water, and make your ice cubes out of cranberry juice. 

Boil the water first for crystal-clear ice.

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