Homemade Hot Chocolate Mix

by Dominique

I do up a big batch of spiced hot chocolate mix every year - it's very easy, and my recipe makes enough to fill a 1 gallon ice cream bucket, plus enough for a small-ish tin for my own counter. I pack it into smaller bags, put it into a cheap mug from the dollar store, and add either a chocolate spoon or two, or a small packet of homemade shortbread cookies.

Since I've started doing this, I get requests every year for it! I've even had coworkers offer to buy them from me, as gifts for their mail carriers, etc.
If anyone is interested, I'll happily share the recipe I've developed for the mix.

From Mel:
Yes, indeed! Please share your recipe. I have been looking for a good one and I'm sure many others are too!

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additional comment
by: Dominique

Sorry, forgot to put this into my recipe post ...

Here you go, Mel - I hope you & the other readers enjoy this.
And the recipe really IS very forgiving, so don't be afraid to play with it!!

Easy Hot Chocolate Mix
by: Dominique

2lb confectioner's sugar
4c powdered coffee creamer
2c cocoa powder
1tbsp cinnamon
1tsp ground cardamom
1tsp ground cloves
1tsp ground mace
1/2tsp ground nutmeg (fresh is even better!)
1/2-1tsp chili powder (really!)
1tsp ginger
1-2 packets of dry whipped topping (optional, but makes it creamier)
>Blend or sift all ingredients together VERY well (should be very powdery, no lumps), store in airtight container.
TO MAKE: Mix 2tbsp powder with 6oz hot milk or boiling water. Stir well & enjoy!

*I highly recommend a food processor or hand sifter for this, or your hands will hurt sieving the ingredients by hand! I learned that the hard way!
**Play with the spices until you find "your" blend - this is a very forgiving recipe.

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