Homemade Gifts to Make From Fabric

Here are some homemade gifts to make from readers who found creative things to do with fabric...and some of these ideas don't even take any sewing skills!

Homemade Silk Eye Pillows - Photo thanks to DeadliestStash and flickr.com

It's really easy to make silk eye pillows for relaxing. You just need 2 pieces of silk about 6x10 inches. Sew them right sides together on three sides & then turn right side out.  Fill  partway with rice  and some herbs like lavender. You don't want to get them too full - maybe a third to half way when its standing up. Sew the end of the bag shut and you're done. - Tara in Madison, WI

You can use this same idea for making all sizes of warming relaxation packs:

  • 8"x20" makes a nice neck/shoulder warmer
  • 18"x20" makes a nice foot warmer for bedtime, or low back heat pack
  • 6"x6" makes nice pocket hand warmers for winter

*Use only 100% cotton fabrics.  *Fill with rice, flax seed, or feed corn (this can be dusty, so you might want to dump it out on a screen outside first). *Add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil for aromatherapy.  *Heat for 1 minute in the microwave (be careful not to scorch them!) 

You may also want to make removable "pillowcases" for the heat packs that can be tossed in the wash, since the rice bags themselves cannot get wet.

I have made several quick fabric banners as gifts for my sisters. All I do is cut out two rectangular pieces and iron a hem all the way around with fusible web. Then I fuse them together with right sides out. Next I cut out large letters and fuse or glue them in position. I've done words like DREAM, BABY, LIFE & WELCOME. These are really fun to make! - Renee in CT

My boyfriend lives near the beach in Galveston. I made him a double sided beach blanket out of some sturdy cotton. I even had a little leftover fabric so I made a bag for him to carry the blanket in. - Kathreen in Spokane, WA

Bunkbed Curtain from cometogetherkids.com

Make a fun fort for the bottom bunk by using a shower curtain rod, curtain rings with clips, and a twin-size flat sheet clipped on!  Add to the gift by including another set of sheets for the bed, or even just a new pillowcase!

Throw pillows are fast and easy to make.   Using home dec fabric, toss pillows can be as easy as sewing two squares together and stuffing, or you can get more elaborate and add piping, tassels, quilting, and/or buttons.   Or just make pillow covers for updating existing pillows.  Make a variety of sizes and shapes in complementary fabrics for a designer look at a fraction of the price!

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