More Homemade Gifts for Mom

Here are homemade gifts for mom  that you can make yourself for little or no money. Thank you to all the visitors who have sent in stories and pictures of the gifts you have made. You come up with the BEST ideas!

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Take scraps and sew up some cute potholders with contrasting bias binding. If you want to get really creative, you can make each side a quilt square. I have also done tile trivets. Just find pretty tiles and then use a hot glue gun to glue felt on the back. These turn out really nice and are quick to make. I have found some really pretty tiles at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.- Sheila in Elkhart IN

You can get foam board at a home improvement store and then cover it with pretty fabric to make a custom bulletin board. Make sure you pull the fabric really snug and then staple it on the back or brush out glue on the surface of the foam and then smooth the fabric on top. - no name

I put together a three ring binder for my mom called Songs For My Mom and in it, I collected sheet music for all her favorite tunes from when she was growing up and when she was raising us. She sits at the piano all the time playing the music in her book! - Sherry in Hartford CT

Buy a frozen pound cake and cut it into small squares. Then mix up a glaze frosting and separate it into dishes so you can color each dish differently. (I like to do at least three pastel colors.) Carefully dip each square into a dish of glaze and then let it set up on wax paper. After the glaze sets up, you can add extra decorations by piping on white frosting or little hard candy decorations like pearls. I also like to add a little almond flavoring to the glaze to make it taste good. I wrap them up in little take out boxes and this makes very elegant and fun gifts. - Monica in Summit, KY

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Get a good nut like macadamia or pecans and then dip them in melted chocolate. When the chocolate hardens then wrap up the nuts in a cellophane cone and tie with a ribbon. So yummy!!! Everyone loves them! - CJ in CA

Moms spend so much time doing laundry...why not give them something to personalize or brighten the laundry area? You could do a painted box to hold detergent and spot sticks. You can also paint clothes pins with cute little flowers or stripes. I have printed off funny sayings and decoupaged them on a piece of wood to make a wall hanging or door hanger. One last idea is a bright colored rug. You can make that out of old clothes and braid or crochet OR get a piece of canvas and give it a good coat of white paint before painting on a pretty design. - Rebecca in SD

A tea cozy is a quick gift to make! Just find two thick pieces of fabric (or quilt some) and cut them like an upside down bowl. Sew the two pieces together on the curved side and then finish the straight edges with bias tape or a hem. All done! Now the cozy will keep a tea pot warm much longer. - Kara in Australia

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