Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

These homemade Christmas gift ideas from readers will help you get creative, save money, and make fun holiday memories. Be sure to send me a picture of your own handmade Christmas gifts!

Lots of people are making fleece blankets as gifts but I made one for my four year old that had a fun twist. I found solid red fleece, then trimmed the edges with white faux fur. He calls it his Santa blanket. - Madison in AK 
Note from Mel: You could Use this handmade Christmas gift idea a variety of ways! How about an animal print fleece with matching fur (like teddy bears with a brown fur or cow print with black fur.)

My daughters and I made Christmas wreaths for our neighbors and their teachers. The supplies were inexpensive – ribbon & holiday greenery we found on sale – and with my trusty glue gun each gift only took about 10 min. We delivered them the 2nd week of Dec. so they could enjoy them the rest of the month. - Jennifer in Stevens Point, WI

My grandchildren live near Chicago and see quite a bit of snow in the winter. Last Christmas I made them a snowman kit with a black hat I found at a garage sale, two big googly eyes from the craft section at Walmart, some large buttons, a long narrow piece of fleece for a scarf, two forked sticks for arms & a short fat stick I painted orange (in place of a carrot, which I thought would spoil.) - Shannon in Green Valley, AZ

A couple years ago I made all the high school and college kids in our big family their own laundry bags. I got the fabric from a couple old sheets in my linen closet that were practically unused and used some cotton rope for the drawstrings. I decorated them with patches and fabric paints and wrote each of their names on their bag with a fabric marker. - Angela in Pittsfield, MA 
Note from Mel: What great handmade Christmas gifts! You could also do personal pillowcases for kids, especially younger ones.

At Christmas for my aunts and mother-in-laws, I made them each a little bedside basket with kleenex, nail file, notepad and pens, lip balm and lotion. - Dawn in Henderson, Nevada

My husband and I just got married and are trying to pay off our debt right now so we have been looking in our cookbooks for homemade Christmas gift ideas. We came across one we are definitely going to use this year for our siblings and that is homemade coffee liqueurs. You can stretch one big bottle of vodka a long way making Kalhua type liqueur or other flavors. - Stephanie in Alexandria, VA  

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I had some scrap wood laying around and hadn't thought of anything to do with it. One day when I was bored I tried cutting out a big letter G for my last name. It was about a foot tall. After I sanded and painted it, I liked it so much that I did other letters for a few of our friends and my wife and I gave them as Christmas gifts. Everybody thought they were really nice gifts to hang up inside or outside their homes. - Ed in KS
Note from Mel: If you don't do woodworking, you can often find pre cut wooden letters at your local craft store or you can use wire, branches, or other materials to make the letters.

One of my favorite toy catalogs has different kits that look like a lot of fun for kids. As I mulled this over, I realized how many homemade Christmas gift ideas I could make with this kit theme. I have given homemade sidewalk chalk kits, bracelet braiding kits, origami kits, and a kite kit. With each kit, I provide the supplies or ingredients needed and pack it all in a shoe box or gift bag that I decorate. - Alexandra in Overland Park, KS
Note from Mel: You can find directions for making all sorts of crafts for kids from a boy who made his own website: marcels-kid-crafts.com

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