A Homemade Christmas Gift Idea

A homemade Christmas gift idea when I was 10 meant asking Grandma for scraps, then making her a fringed clingy rayon apron & wrapping it up. Now I like handmade Christmas gift ideas with more class!

These are some of the first handmade gift ideas added to this site. You will find links to more at the bottom of the page. If you share your own Christmas gift idea here, you can win fun prizes. Get details here.

This homemade Christmas gift idea is especially nice for an older person with many years of memories, but works also for young people. Make a Christmas memory board or scrapbook. Start with a large poster or foam board or scrapbook. Fill with pictures from past Christmas times, cutouts of ornaments or snowflakes, written memories and lists (guests, menus, gifts, etc.), scraps of wrapping paper, newspaper headlines, and other Christmas mementos.

Create a custom holiday mixture CD or cassette of Christmas carols.

Give some parents you know the gift of time for holiday preparations or fun. Offer to take their children to a free Christmas performance or for a movie night at your home. If you are brave, you can help all the kids bake Christmas cookies.

This is an especially nice handmade Christmas gift idea to send to someone who lives far away. Gather family or friends and make a video recording of you all acting out or reading aloud a classic Christmas story or singing Christmas carols.

Videotape an "interview" with a grandparent or elderly relative asking questions about memories of Christmas past. Give copies to all the grandchildren or younger relatives.

Hand paint a tile, wooden sign or T-shirt with a funny or meaningful holiday quote. You can find dozens of great quotes at the Inspirational Quotes Cafe .

Put together a family Christmas cookbook (or cook-booklet!) with all your family's traditional recipes.

Make a set of hand stamped Christmas cards or Christmas postcards. You can buy blank pre-stamped postcards at the post office and decorate one side.

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