Homemade Boyfriend Gift Ideas 
for Writers, Artists & the Rest of Us

Here are some fun homemade boyfriend gift ideas from readers who are each imaginative gift makers! They help the rest of us who need inspiration before trying anything new.

Go out as a journalist and interview your boyfriend's family and friends. Ask for stories of his past and predictions on his future. Using the info you gather, create a newspaper with articles, comics, ads, forecasts and editorials. Most word processing programs have a newsletter template that will work or you can do it handwritten like an underground "free paper". Its really fun and makes a great gift for your boyfriend! - Ashlie in Everett, WA

My boyfriend likes to play poker so I was trying to find something related that he wouldn't find corny. I saw these cute little cowboy hat shaped coasters at a store and that gave me the idea to make my boyfriend coasters in the shape of a heart, spade, diamond and club. I made them out of thin cork with green felt glued on back. They were perfect. - Amanda in Colorado Springs, CO

I made my boyfriend a little book for his birthday that he keeps with him almost all the time. I had a little blank book someone gave me for Christmas last year. I took my little brother's set of watercolors and painted symbols and colors throughout the book, not on every page, but on a lot of them. then after the paint was all dry, I went back through and wrote quotes and a few poems on the pages along with notes from me about all sorts of things. - no name

My mom had taken this really great picture of my boyfriend and me and I wanted to use it somehow to make a gift for him. I ended up taking it to Kinkos and having it blown up fairly big, but in black and white. Then I took watercolor pencils and colored it in and then went over it with a little brush to get a blended effect. It turned out awesome! I can't wait to give it to him. - Nilaya in Oviedo, FL

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