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Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Though I come from a family where gift wrapping is considered an art form, my favorite holiday gift wrapping ideas use supplies I already have on hand. The practical side of me wonders if it is worth spending much time on gift wrap that will be ripped off in a few seconds...

Wrap a gift with plain white or brown paper and then stamp with black ink on all sides. Add little curli-cues with a gold or colored marker. Tie with bright ribbon.

For this gift wrapping idea, you can buy brown paper or simply recycle a bag. Wrap the gift and tie with raffia or rough string. Add dried flowers, seed pods or wheat stalks to the bow.

Use foil, either crunched or uncrunched. Then cover the foil with lace. Tie with wide ribbon.

Here's a gift wrap idea that is another gift! Use a blanket, scarf, towel, length of fabric or a pretty vinyl tablecloth.

Wrap a gift for a traveler in an old map.

Follow the example of some high end stores and place the gift in a solid colored gift box. Add a big white bow and a small card.

Try this gift wrap idea for the office. For a small item, loop rubber bands around until the whole thing is covered. You can use colored ones or traditional tan.

Buy a couple yards of tulle (usually 0.50/yd). Place gift in the center of a doubled piece. Gather all the fabric to the top and tie with a scrap piece of tulle.

Use something unusual for the a brand new giant aluminum trash can.

For a small gift, use a single sheet of paper. Use a page from an old book (poetry, gardening tips, etc.). Try decorative scrapbook paper. Use your computer to print off the definition of a meaningful word or the person's name. If one sheet is not big enough, use diluted glue to attach several pages together. Tie the package with satin ribbon and add some greenery.

Decorate a small box to look like a treasure chest. Put a treasure map inside and make a hunt. Even my grown-up husband enjoyed this!

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