For Him Christmas Gift Idea

When the holidays come around, I refer to this For Him Christmas Gift Idea list even though I wrote it! I have to get inspiration somewhere and I can't find another site with ideas like this. Besides, these ideas aren't all from me. You have come from all over the world and shared your own great ideas. Thank you!

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A Dad Christmas Gift Idea

Take dad's car to a reputable mechanic and have him install a remote starter for the cold days of winter ahead. If you can't get his car, buy a gift certificate for the installation instead.

Find him a quality pair of thermal underwear. If you buy a pair made out of smooth fabric, you can make this a fun christmas gift for dad. Take them around with a fabric marker or pen and have all of his family and friends sign the thermal underwear or write a message on the arms and legs.

Sign up dad for a very reasonably priced online TV/movie membership where he can access unlimited movies, tv shows, and sports programs.

Order him tickets to an upcoming convention or expo he is interested in. For example, my husband likes to go to the spring time North American Model Engineering Society EXPO in Detroit. (At this place, guys from all over display the working machinery models they have built.) Note: If you go with him, you will make this Christmas gift for dad extra special!

This is a really easy dad Christmas gift. Decide on one food item or personal care item that is his favorite. Then ask all the family to get him one of these. For instance, Joe loves special mustards. I could arrange for everyone in our family to buy him one bottle of a specialty mustard. This would be a pretty funny man christmas gift idea, as he unwraps each gift and finds more...mustard!

Order him a set of photo Christmas cards or postcards to share with his friends and co-workers. Choose a recent picture of his children or grandchildren for the cover.

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Do You Need A Man Christmas Gift Idea?

Order him an arial photograph of his home and have it framed.

Find a set of dinnerware - plate, bowl, utensils, glass, etc. - with his favorite cartoon character on it. Ebay is a good place for this for him Christmas gift idea.

Buy a waterproof radio so he can enjoy News Talk, rock and roll, classical or whatever he likes in the shower.

Order him a sturdy porch or yard swing - I have a friend who lives in a log cabin who's family gave her a porch swing for Christmas. They decided it was too long 'til Spring to wait and hung the swing from the rafters in the dining area. Almost ten years have passed and the swing remains inside her house. It is wonderful to go there and swing while we visit.

Have his worn out Bible or other favorite book rebound and present it as good as new. (You may have to tell him you're doing this, so he doesn't report the book stolen!)

Put together a box with something for all his senses - For his eyes, put in a picture or small painting (I use greeting cards) in a frame. For his nose, include cologne, a car freshener or incense. For his skin, put in a satin pillow case, thick lotion or a massager. For his ears, add tickets to a concert or a new CD. For his taste buds, put in his favorite candy, coffee, or a variety of new gourmet food to sample. Wrap each gift in tissue paper and stick a tag or label on that tells what sense it is for. Place all the gifts into a large box or gift bag.

My husband and boys like playing any game together that involves throwing something at a target. They've played darts since the boys were old enough to hold one and now enjoy throwing knives at trees and wood targets. Other throwing games include the cornhole game, horseshoes, washers, etc.

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