Her favorite things...

by Mike

Several years ago, I made up a homemade gift basket for my bride to be. I believe I gave it to her the day before we were married. First, I went to a discount store to purchase the perfect basket. She and I are both into things that have an "old-world" feel, so that's what I searched for. I found the perfect, basket which was "oddly shaped," dark, and had a locking clasp for the lid on the front. We still have the basket today. It's in our bedroom and is filled with many of our photos.

I then went out and purchased some of her favorite things for this romantic homemade gift basket. Much of those "things" consisted of some sort of fancy chocolate or another. I also put in a copy of one of our favorite films (Life is Beautiful), and a bottle of lavender scented liquid which could be used for bed linens. I also included a romantic card in which I wrote something mushy. I'm sure I put some other things in there, but I can't remember what they were.

I placed the basket (with lid open) on a table I knew she would be walking past when she came in. I also placed a dozen red roses in a silver (not real silver) vase (which we still display today) next to the homemade gift basket.

She loved it! At least that's what she said. I'm sure I probably got to eat some of her chocolate too - BONUS!!!

Admittedly.... most of my gifts to her have gone downhill from there.

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