Health Food Gift Basket

by Mel, The Gift Girl

Do you have a health conscious friend who avoids many of the prepackaged snack foods in a typical gift basket? Here's how to make a health food gift basket!

If you are lucky enough to have Trader Joe's or Whole Foods Market in your area, those are great places to find the items for this gift basket. You can also look for a locally owned health food store or farmers' market in your area.

These are some ingredients that would make a great health food gift basket:
1.Dried apricots, cranberries, white raisins, apples, banana chips
(or you could of course use fresh fruit if the basket will be given right away.)
3.Herbal or green tea
4.Crackers made without hydrogenated oils (Kashi makes some tasty ones!)
5.Hummus and pita bread
6.Raw or organic cheese
7.Pumpkin or sunflower seeds
8.Almond or cashew butter
9.Organic popcorn
10.Whole grain bread
11.Fruit butter or preserves made with no added sugar

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