A Handmade Mothers Day Gift

These were some of the very first handmade Mothers Day gift ideas I collected. Despite my greatest intentions, I still have times when I am racking my brain at the last minute for the right gift idea and these homemade Mothers Day gift ideas use supplies I am likely to have on hand!

  • Cut magnetic backed paper into a frame and decorate with fabric, stickers, fancy paper or whatever you have on hand. “Enroll” her in the photo or drawing of the month club. Send her a new photo or drawing each month for a whole year! You may want to address and stamp all 12 envelopes ahead of time and put them somewhere you won’t forget. Down with procrastination!
  • Choose 2 or 3 of mom's favorite healthy meals and make a double batch of each. Divide the portions into single servings and freeze so that she can eat a nutritious and delicious meal when she needs one quick!
  • Ask family members to do random acts of kindness to honor her on her special day. This could include planting trees or flowers, working at a shelter, sponsoring a child, reading to children or elderly or helping a brand new mom with her baby just to name a few ideas. Have each person write what they did in a letter and gather all the notes in a beautiful box (like a small shoebox covered with velvet)to present her with.
  • Paint a clay pot or other container with chilies or tomatoes and then plant a miniature variety in the pot for mom to enjoy.
  • Create a date book with each of her family member’s birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates, along with sizes, preferences, and addresses. For an extra-special personalization, include an up-to-date picture of each individual next to their name.
  • Use a video camera to interview all family members asking them questions like: What makes Mom special? Where is the best place you’ve ever been with Mom? What is an important lesson Mom has taught you? How do you want to be like Mom? Present her with this special recorded Mother’s Day tribute.

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